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Fotoable is a photo editing app that includes lots of different tools for working on your pictures. You can make collages using several images, apply dozens of different filters, correct the colors of any photo, and create spectacular compositions in a matter of seconds.

Fotoable's most striking tool is, without a doubt, the one that lets you create fun photographic compositions. You can insert any image into a bottle, a drop of water, a glass, or a heart-shaped pendant: just choose the picture you want to use and adjust it inside the 'frame'.

Another interesting tool in Fotoable is the collage creator. It lets you combine several pictures into one composition and choose from more than a dozen different formats into which you can insert between two and nine photos. You can also apply all kinds of effects and filters to each individual pic.

Fotoable is an excellent photo editing app with tons of different options. This makes it a great tool whether you want to apply a subtle effect to an image or create an eye-catching composition.
By Álvaro Toledo

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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